Our life starts with a positive inspiration taking into instance the massive celebration which is encountered with the birth of a child….then why do we become so negative whilst in the growing phase. I read somewhere that we are responsible for scattering the vibes around us may it be positive or negative .The aura expressed by positivity is a sense of relief but can be diminished if under the influence of its inverse.

The daemon lies within us who sometimes deviates us to think for others in an incongruous sense….giving us a preconceived notion for someone with whom we have never interacted, never smiled at their happiness, never shared their sorrows…is it a fair way to judge people?  It can never be …. Then why do we take our decisions so agile mindedly….she is an arrogant lady…..he is selfish man ….etc. etc. …..there can be many such instances to be sited upon in day today’s life.

Once someone asked me “Is the first impression …..the last ….valid in all scenarios….“And being specific my answer was NO because mostly in my case  I have seen people not so impressive in their first sight turn out to be good beings indeed in the long run ….then how can we leave an important assignment of judging people merely on the basis of a well said proverb….in any case m not intending to doubt the  truth behind the above said  proverb but my point is… keeping in mind THE first impression thing’ we cannot overlook the other good qualities the person has and hence loose a good friend …a good colleague……and mostly a good human being

I would like to site an important instance from my personal experience where my first impression proved wrong. During the starting years of my college life I rarely interacted with anyone because I am mostly amongst the rarest of the beings who take a bit time to adjust to the new environment. There was a guy in my batch who wanted me to be his friend but I never knew this till the end of my college session…. He never said me in fact….and once suddenly he asked me “why don’t you talk to me?” I was totally blank with the question because I never knew what should be the perfect answer to this question…..i avoided the interaction and paved my way…….but later I got to know that he was greatly hurt by me as because he felt I was avoiding him….which was never the case…..the thing was how can the friendship start without knowing each other …….without getting your thoughts clear about the other person and vice versa. Later when I knew the person I felt that I was mistaken about my first impression (although his personality was impressive), the startling question avoided me to know him more….and I lost a good friend for about 3 years….and let me site the current state…he is now one of my very good friends (Though my list  for the same is not very large,he is one amongst them).Now I realized that my first impression was wrong about a fantabulous person I ever met. So in my case my first impression was not the last rather it wasted some years of our friendship.

Being obscure about any relation degrades it rather than giving a strong foundation to the same. I personally  feel that the blur discrepancies need to be given a perfect shape to strengthen any bond else one day it may happen that there would be no bonds remaining alive to discuss upon.



As per an old mythological belief it is said that a 7 horse painting is a fast track to a

“slow paced work”.

This is my version of  a “7horse painting”.


There is always a period in life where we enjoy to our fullest with no worries for the future….no guilt of the past…..THE GOLDEN PERIOD  OF  OUR LIFE….One instance of the same is our college life….

This post is a special tribute to all my friends who have ever  stayed  in hostel and  also to those who fear of living in d same……and furthermore  this post is the result of the request of one of my friend  who wanted his delineated memories  to be given the touch of words. This is basically a BOYS HOSTEL VERSION.

The journey started in 1st year of engineering ….we were just anew to the college…everything just seemed to be a stranger object…..the people around looking with a suspicious tinge… we were not allowed to dine in the GUMTIS outside the campus….many restrictions …..we were not allowed to stay with our seniors in the 1st year as per the authority  but from 2nd year we actually had our most ecstatic memories ….both sweet and sour ….with our allayers…our seniors.

We entered   the hostel in 2nd year with a lot of fear and excitement. WE were called inside our seniors’ room and were asked to do all kind of funny things and some sort of harassment (which in details the author doesn’t know as it was an altogether BOYS’ hostel secret).Initially we were not that compatible with our seniors but later on they became an important part of our lives….just as our siblings…NIGHTOUTS were one of the most amazing things we could ever think of(the worth mentioning amongst them  was the SHONPUR NIGHTOUT)…..Counter strike mostly took our sleep and darkness of the night…..The first night out was when once we were playing counterstrike late at night and unfortunately or fortunately we were defeated by our esteemed seniors……we played overnight ….missed our dinner…but our kind seniors could not see us sleep with rats and cats inside stomach….they took us to a DHABA outside the college campus at 1a.m. (which was extremely illegal if college authorities are taken to concern and  can lead to a torturous DC).This almost became a regular scene in 2nd and 3rd  year…..we used to leave hostel at 1 a.m. and return back by  3 a.m. …….the journey used to be scary as well as adventurous……there was a secret road which we used(with the heart throbbing cacophony around)….and mostly by trying our best to make  self-invisible to the sniffer dogs who if wished could have made us their dinner… mostly we made  our way  via the front gate of GIRLS’ HOSTEL which was again a danger zone with the guards awake whole night….uuuh ….just  a pin drop silent walk….. Now we grew up in 4th year …we were the seniors …. Highway side DHABA became a small adventure for us ….now we went to a faraway DHABA at night booking an auto escaping from police…..

The last days in college were bit emotional…..we went to the roof….chat for a long time…..Have some smoke (which is specific to boys….girls never dared to smoke within college premise)….laugh a lot….cry then… all sort of crazy things which if a normal person sees would land you to an asylum….then comment each other by their girlfriends’ name ……disturbed their privacy…….again felt hungry….DHABA…eat a lot (drink if possible)…..again back to hostel hiding from sniffer dogs……with crazy activities in between the session……shouting at the middle of NH…..shouting in front of girls’ hostel and running away …finally reaching our respective rooms……sleeping…waking up at 12 noon….taking lunch outside o’er the GUMTIS….meet girlfriend….return back….plan for matches the next day……enjoy  the win if so and if a loss then also enjoy the victory of our friends….

The span finished but ……the chats…the fun…..the enthusiasm…..the adventure still awake in the nerve …….

PS: This is the experience I could gather from the point of view of a boy…if any of the events stated above are found irrelevant then obviation is expected.


Few days back I met a stranger….. Alone in his own world ….whose only wish was to move away to some other world where stays his soul dreams and his eternal spirit.

 Anuj is a commercial pilot who mostly spent his time flying high in sky …..A person who can be simple to talk to can have a complicated story behind and many a times we are mistaken with the words of wisdom given by intellects which rarely justifies the true meaning of life.

It would feel nice if I could share the story of a stranger friend whose life needs a justification.

Anuj was a laborious, hardworking and a confident boy right from his childhood days……his father ….a strict disciplinarian always wanted him to pursue as he wants his son to be with no issues on what exactly Anuj wanted…..and mothers as usual are always supportive so he had the support of his mom ….He wanted to be a pilot but his father wanted to see him as a space research scientist ……..

To chase his dreams he flipped away from home took admission in a well acknowledged flying club…….and finally achieved his dreams …..but alas with less experience he was with a job where he had less wages but twas to his satisfaction. Family pressure increased over him for a better job ……at a point when we don’t have our luck on with us we mostly go with a flow of what our elders say because we have somewhere in our mind that they are more experienced than us and they know the world more than we do….. So now Anuj wanted to live up his life to his parents’ expectation……he joined engineering….. and finally ended up his course with a lucrative job in hand….which made his parents feel proud of him……….Everything was moving on smoothly…..Anuj got engaged to his first love who was his best friend since they were in school ……It was the most happiest period of his life which he could ever imagine…….the happiness went on for few months and then life started resuming terrible for him again……….

Now Anuj got to know just before few days of his marriage that his girl is having blood cancer and will be with him only for a few more days……he had a keen interest in astrology but his readings too could not save his love….He could do nothing but just see her getting close to the end……everything was gone ……his spring in life again altered to a harsh summer and she was gone……………..

Now his only  wish was to be with her…….he feels and finds her everywhere………

Now he is a successful pilot, an engineer and heading towards being a space research scientist as well with further studies …. As his father dreamt him to be…. but did he ever live his life?……now his motivation ,inspiration  and activation was gone……as I said above he is well apprized with astrology …..Now he strongly believes his life would end within a couple of years with astrological evidences and experimentation he says………. is it justified? Should he stop living to the verge of something which is never gonna return anymore?

PS: The name used above is  fictitious but the story is true to the best of my knowledge.


Every night with an uneventful day

I see a little girl thinking for her way

Reluctant to speak and dominated by all

She thinks that she herself is a null

No one to adore no one to praise

World busy in its own craze

With two friends around

Who mostly acted as her fiends

But one day happened so

Two angels landed on her moan

Saying she can be the best

Moving ahead when all others rest

One said she is too good

Only needs to change her mood

The other showed her the way to success

With proof of matters she had to face

Neither day nor night

She tried and tried

And finally the day came when everything was fine

And she could say the success is all mine.


I am going to share with you a story which is true but quite a strange.

In 4th year of my engineering life I opted for single room just as a matter of being adventurous. We were three friends who were very close and mostly we 3 were in a room single either of mine or of any of my other two friends. We had our breakfast, lunch, dinner and supper all together….it was just impossible for us to stay without meeting the other even for a day………

So to be directly onto the matter of fact lemme start the story rather than revolving round…. One day it happened so that some construction work was being carried out inside the hostel premises and at about 2 O’clock  late at night I got a knock on my door which was a BANG rather than a simple knock…..being shocked  at d bang I popped and sat on my bed as like a spring…..and  then happened something stranger  which imitated the bursting of a balloon….I din open the door thinking the construction workers being busy with their stuff……soon after few days the construction work was finished and d workers were finished off with their overnight business. We now thought of having some good night sleep but alas we were wrong……there were 8 rooms in our floor and 6 of us had a good bonding and rest 2 rarely came out of their rooms…one amongst them just hated her room and mostly stayed in her previous arrangements……now on there were again  bangs at d doors at about 4 to 5 am in the morning…… thinking all dese to be rubbish we friends never discussed on such topics …..but one day some of us were just having a chitchat and we all got to  know that the bang was not supposed to be on individual distraction rather it aimed some of my other friends too…… and now in 8th semester this increased to some extent and twas bit disgusting because it distracted our sleep… we three tried to find out the exact culprit and adjusted in a single small room one night …..We got a light weight bang but couldn’t find the person, animal or any so other creature…….. In exam time mostly the bang was in the morning… supposed to wake us up to read but we were not that serious…… Now the question before us was who is banging the door…..a friendly ghost or an unfriendly animal….. once I woke up  late at  night just for a change went out of my small room…..and what I saw was  really stunning……I saw Mr. blacky  sleeping on the floor wearing my black jacket ….. Twas really to my disgust I found a dog sleeping in front of my room with my jacket….i gave the jacket to blacky as a matter of a strange present which he was fond of….and thought of never being disturbed again …..But still the experience continued to my friends as well as me…..and now on we were confirmed that twas blacky who banged our doors… to be sure with enough proof in hand we trio gathered again in one of our three friends’ room whose room we thought of  THE cleanliest to be safe enough to put our bedding down on floor to sleep tight…..and again the bang was on….we heard someone passing by…..but quickly as we opened the door …..Mr. blacky was vanished …and we were left bare handed……8th semester finished …..till now we don’t know who was desperate to disturb us girls’ goodnight sleep…….a punctual unknown doggy or a friendly ghost who wanted us to wake up quick in our exam days  so as to secure some good grades………….

We don’t say or believe there are ghost so mostly we doubted on my neighbor who had a habit of sleep walk where she provided enough proof not of banging the door  every time or anytime if so ever….

So the mystery continues still……………………………………Who was banging   the door continuously and that too till u wake up and get to your sense…..a human friend or an inhuman animal???????