Quay away from shores

With a turf of fear amidst the storm

I find an aid close to heart

But….I leap a ‘but’ in every move

For every time I sway away the truth

Delusion far ahead of me

Why didn’t I get the power to read?

The persons’ intension before I seed

The trance of friendship embraces me

For  I enter  the storm  anew

Countermining my noetic essence

Giving an ache again in throat

I may be left  with the same pain in heart

For this sole reason I love the ‘but’

As it keeps me aside the desolating storm.



Every night with an uneventful day

I see a little girl thinking for her way

Reluctant to speak and dominated by all

She thinks that she herself is a null

No one to adore no one to praise

World busy in its own craze

With two friends around

Who mostly acted as her fiends

But one day happened so

Two angels landed on her moan

Saying she can be the best

Moving ahead when all others rest

One said she is too good

Only needs to change her mood

The other showed her the way to success

With proof of matters she had to face

Neither day nor night

She tried and tried

And finally the day came when everything was fine

And she could say the success is all mine.


Queen of mountains, Lord of rain

Why so quiet, as if in pain.

No place to wonder, no one to talk

You are so alone to even take a walk.

Long trees with branches free

We feel alone when amidst we are three.

The scenario is green

But seems it lacks a screen.

Elephants, Panthers and pythons

Supposedly the journey is full of thorns.

So much silent, so much calm

No road with a traffic jam.

Winters cool and summers hot

Enough to dry up water   shots.

But still the best place in the world

Will always be my family world.