Pass the ocean ,Making your own boats!!

Many a times we are left with situations especially “women” where we have a lot of opportunities but situation doesn’t allow us to harness each and every one and this leads many to depression which is almost and always genuine ,more to it is added by our friends and relatives who never leave any chance to ask about the progress in something we don’t have at present .Yes, I would not pay any heed to their comments but what can I do to the questions they have left in my mind to brood over? The best answer to it is being Positive but how can one be positive ? Books ! Indeed are our best friends and good books are just like a positive friend circle which guide and motivate us for the right path.Life never comes in a full package rather I would say its in installment where all our dreams come true one day but not all at a time,just need some time and patience .When we are working we always want to spend time with family and friends where the opportunity cost is personal life and when we are not in imagework the opportunity cost will be a good professional career.We always see our past better than it was,our present worst than it is and our future more resolved than it will be .

I want something in life and I don’t have any opportunity in front of me then I have to create one else tomorrow will make me regret for not starting “it” yesterday.One of the biggest problem is first understanding “what I actually want ” and I bet if you know this you have resolved half of the problem and the next would be just a goal,a good plan and sticking to the plan to achieve the goal.Many of us sometimes in life get the opportunity to have time for our family and most importantly for ourselves especially previously working women staying in H4 with their husbands .Its a great relief for few days getting an off from work but not for a long time .After sometime we start missing our old times and desperately need them back but will it be possible? No.. but a better future is always possible which might be better than what we had in the past .May be this is the time we got for ourselves ,for recreating ourselves into a new avatar .We now have time to do things which we did not find time to do before when engaged in a job or studies or any other engagement .We just have two options to utilize this time either go into depression for what we didn’t get or look for the brighter side where we can harness ourself utilizing this valuable time to ” Make our boats” so that we can pass the ocean safely tomorrow.




Many a times we have certain experiences in life which become funny and memorable throughout…same is with the  college days….when i was in college i was waiting to be out of it and to be onto a job…..and now its only been less than a year out of college world and I have started missing it the most….my teachers….the labs….and most importantly my friends who got placed differently…..

Towards the end of  the fourth year we 7 became best friends……some of my classmates whom i didn’t know even in 1st year were my best buddies now…..twas seeming strange…..but i enjoyed every moment of my last days at college….

WAVES as the name specifies used to bring a wave of enjoyment and thrill for us “THE NISTIANS” …..and especially the DJ night if it was in the agenda fixed..we all remember when once we all wanted the DJ night but the college authority forced the night to be a musical one…..the respected musicians were greeted with an offensive one rupee coin being thrown over them…..because how the hell can we dance over bhajans’ man!!!

My friends and me had some funny incidents over the DJ….

One of my friend lux used to wear specs …..we all were engrossed with the dancing and she lost her spec….but she couldnot realise the same till the end of the session….that proves our dedication …..and after everything was finished and we all were set to go back to hostel….we realised she was missing her specs……we searched for it and finally we got it in some 10-20 pieces…..

There was a person who was not my favourite in any sense becoz of his irritating activities…..and guess what on the DJ night …. i realised he was dancing in my group aswell……that was a nightmare when i realised that he was also in our team …..dancing was so spontaneous that we used to forget everything….. sometimes people doubted “are these people drunk?” but we really weren’t for the sake of explanation….

Now the same DJ was there in office for the christmas eve….but ….i didnot enjoy as much as i did in WAVES.Things …situations and people have changed…..still waiting for a bombastic environment like one we had in the college…..the cafeteria…the LHC front coconut trees…..the library…..the octagon…..the garden…..the list is never ending.



Some people write because they are born to write and make others understand simple matters which we as in general fail to understand. But I write mostly because I love giving words to what I feel or somebody I know has felt.

LOVE starts from eye and has an end by the heart….but is the reverse true???????????

This is my first ever blog on something related to love ………the most complicated of all …the feelings and the emotions…I have heard its both sweet as well as sour….let me instantiate the emotions on behalf of my friend who had a peculiar love story(I feel …. all love stories are peculiar).

This is the story of one of my friend which I am narrating for you……

I was sitting alone watching the night sky…. the sky was overwhelmed with twinkling stars….my question to them was why was I so alone in  this world of millions…Can’t I have a friend who can show me  way when I am disguised…who can share a shoulder when I have tears to shed…. I never get any reply but most of the times I figure the reply myself as I want it to be. Loneliness became my best friend….not because I was hurt by someone but because of the fear of being hurt……

People visible seemed all deceptive….loneliness haunted me…I went over a chat room and got irritated ever more than that of before…..what to do next??? If I don’t  come out of this state of  oblivion surely I would end up by an asylum ….I engrossed myself in studies ……became a good rank holder too but still something was missing……supposedly a friend. But I had somewhere in my mind the fear of being deceived which haunted me time and again. I had added someone into the chat when I was new to explore the same, whom I didn’t remember and the result was shown 4 years after when the person pinged me back …..And to my utter amazement he remembered me and same did i…..

It’s mostly said we can laugh and cry openly before a stranger because we know the stranger will always remain a stranger…..but what would happen if you start sharing your happiness as well as your sorrows with a stranger …..Obviously he would become your best friend…..a friend you have never seen, met or talked and more to it they become a catalyst for your  friendship because you  have full confidence over them  and they can even deceive you which your friend can never do with whom you regularly interact.

The span passed away soon….soon I was onto a job and luck forced me to a place where stayed the same stranger friend… I had great expectations from my stranger friend but my expectations spilled over my dreams when I knew that the day I was intending to meet him could not bring him to me because he says he was hospitalized for having a small tumor in his encephalon.…

Don’t know the reason  but he started avoiding me …… no more a best friend not even a friend anymore ….now and then he started giving excuses for not even remembering me as his friend…..i find my mistake in the illusion because I had started living in a world filled with illusion with no true people around  but with the  expectation  I was building from a person whose only aim was earning more and more money to get his dreams…………I found myself an obstructed source amidst it ……. So it seemed better to let one grow when you know you can be a hindrance……till now I don’t know the  brain tumor thing a fact or not  but still I don’t doubt  him because I  heartily want it to be false so that he can live a happy and prosperous life  in future….

There are many such girls like my friend who go away from someone’s life for the sole reason to see someone happy but this is never understood by some rude people who let them go in ease…..

P.S: This is a true story dedicated to my best friend.


Every ride ends up with a destination may be the right intended  or a wrong misfortune  but sometimes it happens so that during the travel even if we don’t recede our perseverance the travel becomes an arduous one………

I was in the 8th semester of my Engineering and was staying away from home and mom …. This apparently produces that I was in a conventional girls’ hostel within the huge college campus. I remember it was close to my last days in college and there were many stuffs to be completed like presentations, report submission, technical seminar, project seminar, and internals of course (though we took it very lightly   and relished our last internal) …the list continues….within this busy schedule I was cherished  when I heard that my uncle’s marriage  was arranged a  few days later…..searching out my routine I discovered that it won’t be a huge loss if I devote three days to the marriage although my semester exams were approaching by…….my father insisted me not to get disturbed because the place where the marriage  was intended was a wonderful  place  with lesser connectivity via flights or trains…..the only medium for  communication left was bus and that too I needed to change  more than one bus to reach there……..there was a big NO coming from my parents but something which haunted my nerve was “I JUST WANT TO GO OUT OF THIS CAMPUS FOR A CHANGE”(my college was far away from the town as obviously most colleges are and once in a week we were allowed for an outing …..Strict rules indeed).

The auspicious day arrived and the same was with my courage to reach out for an unknown destination …..The destination which I didn’t know was how many miles away…but I just knew the name of the place which was merely enough for me.

I started my journey at about 5:30 a.m.  I needed to catch a local bus coming from the Andhra border   area which would take me to the town where I could search my destination channels. Coincidentally I saw two of my friends waiting for the same bus ….. I just knew we were in the same batch and also  in the same section …….we exchanged smiles with each other and  went over the ride ……after 45 minutes we were dropped over a lane nearer to the station… friend  Atul who knew about my crazy adventure warned me but it was of no use ……I was firmly determined….so finally to my utter amazement I found my  two classmates travelling with me in the same train… we were  friends in addition to being classmates…..I reached Bhubaneswar(Orissa) but now I was again in a dilemma where to go further……just took a line auto and went to the bus stand so that I would know if ever any bus goes to my destined location…..I asked a person sitting at the ticket counter…..he said me the bus has left past 30 minutes…and the next bus is at 2  p.m. which would reach there at about 10 p.m. and I had anyhow to reach before 4 p.m. else the “baraat “ would leave the place and I would again become a sole being …..What to do next?  Was haunting me and I dialed my father’s number …..He got worried for me and said he is sending the car for me ….but it was again a bad option because it would take minimum 8-10 hours for the vehicle to reach me….I enquired for a train back to hostel as ordered by my father which I was fully against of…..still had no options left……I was with mixed emotions when I knew there was no train back too….i was happy as there was again a chance to move on….There was a person sitting at another counter who was listening my conversation with my father … I was seeing left and right to search for a known face  but  it all went in vain…..The person  X came to me and said are you alone? I tried to be bold and said yes but I know where I need to go…. Then I realized that he was trying to help me for he knew I was travelling alone  and got stuck to an anomalous situation ….he  sooner stopped a bus and said the conductor Y  to drop me by the LINK ROAD  in Cuttack ….. I totally was unaware of anything in Cuttack because I never went there before …..Just saw the shops and buildings as one sees while travelling from inside a vehicle….The person X from Bhubaneswar gave his number to me and also booked a seat for me in the bus which had left the place 30 minutes before to my destined location and also gave me person Z’s number who was the conductor there….he said  Y  to  make the necessary arrangements  for I reach by time…..I had exactly 40 minutes left to catch the bus and I didn’t know how much it took to move from Bhubaneswar to Cuttack…..and moreover there was also a traffic jam ….so I lost all hopes… if I reach Cuttack and cannot catch my bus then I would  again be in a wonderland …….the person Y  reassured me that we would reach by time ………  he dropped me in a location and said me to wait  there for the bus……I was standing there and some people gazed me as if I were an alien….. This was a situation where I was totally believing people whom I never knew……just after 5 minutes’ wait ….i saw the bus coming by…. It was a great relief for me … if I had achieved something precious…..i went on ….there was a reserved seat for me in an air conditioned bus and rest of the journey was not so painful and I realized that it was just 4 when I reached my place….the marriage was half finished but I was glad for at least half was left for me to enjoy.

I didn’t share the story with my mom for I would have gotten a good scold and the alarming question would have  been why was it so urgent to attend the marriage?  but my father  still now exemplifies when I argue for travelling alone…..even I myself believe without providence I wouldn’t have reached my destination safe.



“Beauty lies in the eye of the beholder” a very famous and old proverb but practically  difficult absorbing it to heart … Our eyes always search something which is exceptionally beautiful may it be a nature’s endowment to the surrounding …… a simple rainbow or a simple creature dwelling within its  embrace.

 I remember once during my school days my English teacher said “each and every object in this universe is beautiful”. I felt a bit weird for the statement and I asked  “Sir, you said everything is beautiful then why do we hate snails”…..the reply was really awesome ….he said …… you will start loving each and every creation  if you want to love and even snail has something to be loved for ….. The beautiful motion it takes while it moves forward…..but the obligation lies within us to take it as a beautiful slow moving rhythmic creature or a slovenly sloth.

The instance I would exemplify  here is  my friend Nisha …..She is exceptionally beautiful ….although she was an average student ….in all other social issues she remained the topmost priority because she was brilliant in managing things…she got the opportunities as because she came within the trance of general beings…..  may be because of her own interest into the field ……but there are thousands of girls and boys who have enormous qualities  and interests as well but because of lack of some x-y-z factors don’t get recognized into the society …..Does face value matters? I think there is a big NO to this question…because if that would have been the case then we would have seen all the models and divas into all higher positions and authorities…… but if that would wholly not be the case then why do the recognized faces from the screen get an extended career into administrative affairs after their retirement………..

Once in a park during my evening walk I saw an elderly couple sitting over a bench……all other couples took the stroll but they were least interested for them……..and it seemed as if ……… even after so many  years of their marriage  “she was the most beautiful lady “ for him and “he was the  most handsome man” for her…….so here beauty lies in their vision for each other which remained intact even if time had lapsed for many decades……..

Another incidence was when I was greatly impressed by someone who was very handsome as far as looks are concerned but once he opened his senses to speak ……. I was wholly into an awe…………his words couldn’t make any sense and forced me to stop the discussion ……we met via a common friend……but he was totally different from the friend we had in common.

So I would end up saying  beauty solely doesn’t lie in one’s physical appearance but also in the heart and soul of the person…….and the beauty of a good hearted person reflects from his/her face.


Our life starts with a positive inspiration taking into instance the massive celebration which is encountered with the birth of a child….then why do we become so negative whilst in the growing phase. I read somewhere that we are responsible for scattering the vibes around us may it be positive or negative .The aura expressed by positivity is a sense of relief but can be diminished if under the influence of its inverse.

The daemon lies within us who sometimes deviates us to think for others in an incongruous sense….giving us a preconceived notion for someone with whom we have never interacted, never smiled at their happiness, never shared their sorrows…is it a fair way to judge people?  It can never be …. Then why do we take our decisions so agile mindedly….she is an arrogant lady…..he is selfish man ….etc. etc. …..there can be many such instances to be sited upon in day today’s life.

Once someone asked me “Is the first impression …..the last ….valid in all scenarios….“And being specific my answer was NO because mostly in my case  I have seen people not so impressive in their first sight turn out to be good beings indeed in the long run ….then how can we leave an important assignment of judging people merely on the basis of a well said proverb….in any case m not intending to doubt the  truth behind the above said  proverb but my point is… keeping in mind THE first impression thing’ we cannot overlook the other good qualities the person has and hence loose a good friend …a good colleague……and mostly a good human being

I would like to site an important instance from my personal experience where my first impression proved wrong. During the starting years of my college life I rarely interacted with anyone because I am mostly amongst the rarest of the beings who take a bit time to adjust to the new environment. There was a guy in my batch who wanted me to be his friend but I never knew this till the end of my college session…. He never said me in fact….and once suddenly he asked me “why don’t you talk to me?” I was totally blank with the question because I never knew what should be the perfect answer to this question…..i avoided the interaction and paved my way…….but later I got to know that he was greatly hurt by me as because he felt I was avoiding him….which was never the case…..the thing was how can the friendship start without knowing each other …….without getting your thoughts clear about the other person and vice versa. Later when I knew the person I felt that I was mistaken about my first impression (although his personality was impressive), the startling question avoided me to know him more….and I lost a good friend for about 3 years….and let me site the current state…he is now one of my very good friends (Though my list  for the same is not very large,he is one amongst them).Now I realized that my first impression was wrong about a fantabulous person I ever met. So in my case my first impression was not the last rather it wasted some years of our friendship.

Being obscure about any relation degrades it rather than giving a strong foundation to the same. I personally  feel that the blur discrepancies need to be given a perfect shape to strengthen any bond else one day it may happen that there would be no bonds remaining alive to discuss upon.


There is always a period in life where we enjoy to our fullest with no worries for the future….no guilt of the past…..THE GOLDEN PERIOD  OF  OUR LIFE….One instance of the same is our college life….

This post is a special tribute to all my friends who have ever  stayed  in hostel and  also to those who fear of living in d same……and furthermore  this post is the result of the request of one of my friend  who wanted his delineated memories  to be given the touch of words. This is basically a BOYS HOSTEL VERSION.

The journey started in 1st year of engineering ….we were just anew to the college…everything just seemed to be a stranger object…..the people around looking with a suspicious tinge… we were not allowed to dine in the GUMTIS outside the campus….many restrictions …..we were not allowed to stay with our seniors in the 1st year as per the authority  but from 2nd year we actually had our most ecstatic memories ….both sweet and sour ….with our allayers…our seniors.

We entered   the hostel in 2nd year with a lot of fear and excitement. WE were called inside our seniors’ room and were asked to do all kind of funny things and some sort of harassment (which in details the author doesn’t know as it was an altogether BOYS’ hostel secret).Initially we were not that compatible with our seniors but later on they became an important part of our lives….just as our siblings…NIGHTOUTS were one of the most amazing things we could ever think of(the worth mentioning amongst them  was the SHONPUR NIGHTOUT)…..Counter strike mostly took our sleep and darkness of the night…..The first night out was when once we were playing counterstrike late at night and unfortunately or fortunately we were defeated by our esteemed seniors……we played overnight ….missed our dinner…but our kind seniors could not see us sleep with rats and cats inside stomach….they took us to a DHABA outside the college campus at 1a.m. (which was extremely illegal if college authorities are taken to concern and  can lead to a torturous DC).This almost became a regular scene in 2nd and 3rd  year…..we used to leave hostel at 1 a.m. and return back by  3 a.m. …….the journey used to be scary as well as adventurous……there was a secret road which we used(with the heart throbbing cacophony around)….and mostly by trying our best to make  self-invisible to the sniffer dogs who if wished could have made us their dinner… mostly we made  our way  via the front gate of GIRLS’ HOSTEL which was again a danger zone with the guards awake whole night….uuuh ….just  a pin drop silent walk….. Now we grew up in 4th year …we were the seniors …. Highway side DHABA became a small adventure for us ….now we went to a faraway DHABA at night booking an auto escaping from police…..

The last days in college were bit emotional…..we went to the roof….chat for a long time…..Have some smoke (which is specific to boys….girls never dared to smoke within college premise)….laugh a lot….cry then… all sort of crazy things which if a normal person sees would land you to an asylum….then comment each other by their girlfriends’ name ……disturbed their privacy…….again felt hungry….DHABA…eat a lot (drink if possible)…..again back to hostel hiding from sniffer dogs……with crazy activities in between the session……shouting at the middle of NH…..shouting in front of girls’ hostel and running away …finally reaching our respective rooms……sleeping…waking up at 12 noon….taking lunch outside o’er the GUMTIS….meet girlfriend….return back….plan for matches the next day……enjoy  the win if so and if a loss then also enjoy the victory of our friends….

The span finished but ……the chats…the fun…..the enthusiasm…..the adventure still awake in the nerve …….

PS: This is the experience I could gather from the point of view of a boy…if any of the events stated above are found irrelevant then obviation is expected.