Pass the ocean ,Making your own boats!!

Many a times we are left with situations especially “women” where we have a lot of opportunities but situation doesn’t allow us to harness each and every one and this leads many to depression which is almost and always genuine ,more to it is added by our friends and relatives who never leave any chance to ask about the progress in something we don’t have at present .Yes, I would not pay any heed to their comments but what can I do to the questions they have left in my mind to brood over? The best answer to it is being Positive but how can one be positive ? Books ! Indeed are our best friends and good books are just like a positive friend circle which guide and motivate us for the right path.Life never comes in a full package rather I would say its in installment where all our dreams come true one day but not all at a time,just need some time and patience .When we are working we always want to spend time with family and friends where the opportunity cost is personal life and when we are not in imagework the opportunity cost will be a good professional career.We always see our past better than it was,our present worst than it is and our future more resolved than it will be .

I want something in life and I don’t have any opportunity in front of me then I have to create one else tomorrow will make me regret for not starting “it” yesterday.One of the biggest problem is first understanding “what I actually want ” and I bet if you know this you have resolved half of the problem and the next would be just a goal,a good plan and sticking to the plan to achieve the goal.Many of us sometimes in life get the opportunity to have time for our family and most importantly for ourselves especially previously working women staying in H4 with their husbands .Its a great relief for few days getting an off from work but not for a long time .After sometime we start missing our old times and desperately need them back but will it be possible? No.. but a better future is always possible which might be better than what we had in the past .May be this is the time we got for ourselves ,for recreating ourselves into a new avatar .We now have time to do things which we did not find time to do before when engaged in a job or studies or any other engagement .We just have two options to utilize this time either go into depression for what we didn’t get or look for the brighter side where we can harness ourself utilizing this valuable time to ” Make our boats” so that we can pass the ocean safely tomorrow.

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