Many a times we have certain experiences in life which become funny and memorable throughout…same is with the  college days….when i was in college i was waiting to be out of it and to be onto a job…..and now its only been less than a year out of college world and I have started missing it the most….my teachers….the labs….and most importantly my friends who got placed differently…..

Towards the end of  the fourth year we 7 became best friends……some of my classmates whom i didn’t know even in 1st year were my best buddies now…..twas seeming strange…..but i enjoyed every moment of my last days at college….

WAVES as the name specifies used to bring a wave of enjoyment and thrill for us “THE NISTIANS” …..and especially the DJ night if it was in the agenda fixed..we all remember when once we all wanted the DJ night but the college authority forced the night to be a musical one…..the respected musicians were greeted with an offensive one rupee coin being thrown over them…..because how the hell can we dance over bhajans’ man!!!

My friends and me had some funny incidents over the DJ….

One of my friend lux used to wear specs …..we all were engrossed with the dancing and she lost her spec….but she couldnot realise the same till the end of the session….that proves our dedication …..and after everything was finished and we all were set to go back to hostel….we realised she was missing her specs……we searched for it and finally we got it in some 10-20 pieces…..

There was a person who was not my favourite in any sense becoz of his irritating activities…..and guess what on the DJ night …. i realised he was dancing in my group aswell……that was a nightmare when i realised that he was also in our team …..dancing was so spontaneous that we used to forget everything….. sometimes people doubted “are these people drunk?” but we really weren’t for the sake of explanation….

Now the same DJ was there in office for the christmas eve….but ….i didnot enjoy as much as i did in WAVES.Things …situations and people have changed…..still waiting for a bombastic environment like one we had in the college…..the cafeteria…the LHC front coconut trees…..the library…..the octagon…..the garden…..the list is never ending.


4 comments on “WAVES

  1. Kumar Shanu says:

    time time ki bat hoti hai……… !!!!!!!

    🙂 🙂 🙂

    nice 2 see u aftr long time……..

    Keep Going….. 🙂 🙂

    Enjoy The Chilling weather of Delhi…… 🙂 🙂

  2. Hi,
    you know what..waves, when we were in 2nd year, the first day was one of the most important day of my B Tech life…If I’ll get one thing to chose in my life as per my wish, I would like to go back to that day.. 😦

  3. Ankit says:

    B.tech …. best part of my life. Sometimes…. i miss it 😦
    Well good to know …. you are still writing !!!

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