Some people write because they are born to write and make others understand simple matters which we as in general fail to understand. But I write mostly because I love giving words to what I feel or somebody I know has felt.

LOVE starts from eye and has an end by the heart….but is the reverse true???????????

This is my first ever blog on something related to love ………the most complicated of all …the feelings and the emotions…I have heard its both sweet as well as sour….let me instantiate the emotions on behalf of my friend who had a peculiar love story(I feel …. all love stories are peculiar).

This is the story of one of my friend which I am narrating for you……

I was sitting alone watching the night sky…. the sky was overwhelmed with twinkling stars….my question to them was why was I so alone in  this world of millions…Can’t I have a friend who can show me  way when I am disguised…who can share a shoulder when I have tears to shed…. I never get any reply but most of the times I figure the reply myself as I want it to be. Loneliness became my best friend….not because I was hurt by someone but because of the fear of being hurt……

People visible seemed all deceptive….loneliness haunted me…I went over a chat room and got irritated ever more than that of before…..what to do next??? If I don’t  come out of this state of  oblivion surely I would end up by an asylum ….I engrossed myself in studies ……became a good rank holder too but still something was missing……supposedly a friend. But I had somewhere in my mind the fear of being deceived which haunted me time and again. I had added someone into the chat when I was new to explore the same, whom I didn’t remember and the result was shown 4 years after when the person pinged me back …..And to my utter amazement he remembered me and same did i…..

It’s mostly said we can laugh and cry openly before a stranger because we know the stranger will always remain a stranger…..but what would happen if you start sharing your happiness as well as your sorrows with a stranger …..Obviously he would become your best friend…..a friend you have never seen, met or talked and more to it they become a catalyst for your  friendship because you  have full confidence over them  and they can even deceive you which your friend can never do with whom you regularly interact.

The span passed away soon….soon I was onto a job and luck forced me to a place where stayed the same stranger friend… I had great expectations from my stranger friend but my expectations spilled over my dreams when I knew that the day I was intending to meet him could not bring him to me because he says he was hospitalized for having a small tumor in his encephalon.…

Don’t know the reason  but he started avoiding me …… no more a best friend not even a friend anymore ….now and then he started giving excuses for not even remembering me as his friend…..i find my mistake in the illusion because I had started living in a world filled with illusion with no true people around  but with the  expectation  I was building from a person whose only aim was earning more and more money to get his dreams…………I found myself an obstructed source amidst it ……. So it seemed better to let one grow when you know you can be a hindrance……till now I don’t know the  brain tumor thing a fact or not  but still I don’t doubt  him because I  heartily want it to be false so that he can live a happy and prosperous life  in future….

There are many such girls like my friend who go away from someone’s life for the sole reason to see someone happy but this is never understood by some rude people who let them go in ease…..

P.S: This is a true story dedicated to my best friend.

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5 comments on “THE ELEVATED HOPE

  1. There is a feeling which is more sacred than love, what I believe….its care..though it has got many variations , people easily say “I care for you” but the thing is do you really feel that, that person cares for you…if you do and you care for that person too..then there is nothing in this world which can break that relationship..because that relationship is because of “care”…

    PS: I don’t know my comment is relevant up to how much extent…I just touched the keyboard after reading and when I was about to press submit..I read my comment and then I was forced to write this PS.

    PPS: Good to see you back.

  2. Ankit Kumar says:

    I am a slow reader !!! and i was numb at many places !!!
    Worth reading !!!!!!!!!!

  3. subhorup says:

    Facebook sends me these chilling mail reminders if I dont log in for a while. I have no way of getting back at them other than by logging in. It has been a while since I saw a post on this blog. Trust all is well and am looking forward to seeing one soon.

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