Every ride ends up with a destination may be the right intended  or a wrong misfortune  but sometimes it happens so that during the travel even if we don’t recede our perseverance the travel becomes an arduous one………

I was in the 8th semester of my Engineering and was staying away from home and mom …. This apparently produces that I was in a conventional girls’ hostel within the huge college campus. I remember it was close to my last days in college and there were many stuffs to be completed like presentations, report submission, technical seminar, project seminar, and internals of course (though we took it very lightly   and relished our last internal) …the list continues….within this busy schedule I was cherished  when I heard that my uncle’s marriage  was arranged a  few days later…..searching out my routine I discovered that it won’t be a huge loss if I devote three days to the marriage although my semester exams were approaching by…….my father insisted me not to get disturbed because the place where the marriage  was intended was a wonderful  place  with lesser connectivity via flights or trains…..the only medium for  communication left was bus and that too I needed to change  more than one bus to reach there……..there was a big NO coming from my parents but something which haunted my nerve was “I JUST WANT TO GO OUT OF THIS CAMPUS FOR A CHANGE”(my college was far away from the town as obviously most colleges are and once in a week we were allowed for an outing …..Strict rules indeed).

The auspicious day arrived and the same was with my courage to reach out for an unknown destination …..The destination which I didn’t know was how many miles away…but I just knew the name of the place which was merely enough for me.

I started my journey at about 5:30 a.m.  I needed to catch a local bus coming from the Andhra border   area which would take me to the town where I could search my destination channels. Coincidentally I saw two of my friends waiting for the same bus ….. I just knew we were in the same batch and also  in the same section …….we exchanged smiles with each other and  went over the ride ……after 45 minutes we were dropped over a lane nearer to the station… friend  Atul who knew about my crazy adventure warned me but it was of no use ……I was firmly determined….so finally to my utter amazement I found my  two classmates travelling with me in the same train… we were  friends in addition to being classmates…..I reached Bhubaneswar(Orissa) but now I was again in a dilemma where to go further……just took a line auto and went to the bus stand so that I would know if ever any bus goes to my destined location…..I asked a person sitting at the ticket counter…..he said me the bus has left past 30 minutes…and the next bus is at 2  p.m. which would reach there at about 10 p.m. and I had anyhow to reach before 4 p.m. else the “baraat “ would leave the place and I would again become a sole being …..What to do next?  Was haunting me and I dialed my father’s number …..He got worried for me and said he is sending the car for me ….but it was again a bad option because it would take minimum 8-10 hours for the vehicle to reach me….I enquired for a train back to hostel as ordered by my father which I was fully against of…..still had no options left……I was with mixed emotions when I knew there was no train back too….i was happy as there was again a chance to move on….There was a person sitting at another counter who was listening my conversation with my father … I was seeing left and right to search for a known face  but  it all went in vain…..The person  X came to me and said are you alone? I tried to be bold and said yes but I know where I need to go…. Then I realized that he was trying to help me for he knew I was travelling alone  and got stuck to an anomalous situation ….he  sooner stopped a bus and said the conductor Y  to drop me by the LINK ROAD  in Cuttack ….. I totally was unaware of anything in Cuttack because I never went there before …..Just saw the shops and buildings as one sees while travelling from inside a vehicle….The person X from Bhubaneswar gave his number to me and also booked a seat for me in the bus which had left the place 30 minutes before to my destined location and also gave me person Z’s number who was the conductor there….he said  Y  to  make the necessary arrangements  for I reach by time…..I had exactly 40 minutes left to catch the bus and I didn’t know how much it took to move from Bhubaneswar to Cuttack…..and moreover there was also a traffic jam ….so I lost all hopes… if I reach Cuttack and cannot catch my bus then I would  again be in a wonderland …….the person Y  reassured me that we would reach by time ………  he dropped me in a location and said me to wait  there for the bus……I was standing there and some people gazed me as if I were an alien….. This was a situation where I was totally believing people whom I never knew……just after 5 minutes’ wait ….i saw the bus coming by…. It was a great relief for me … if I had achieved something precious…..i went on ….there was a reserved seat for me in an air conditioned bus and rest of the journey was not so painful and I realized that it was just 4 when I reached my place….the marriage was half finished but I was glad for at least half was left for me to enjoy.

I didn’t share the story with my mom for I would have gotten a good scold and the alarming question would have  been why was it so urgent to attend the marriage?  but my father  still now exemplifies when I argue for travelling alone…..even I myself believe without providence I wouldn’t have reached my destination safe.


16 comments on “THE SHUDDERY JOURNEY

  1. kumar shanu says:

    “Kuchh Jayada Hi Twist Tha” …… 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

    Par Kahte hain na “Ant Bhala To Sab Bhala” ………… 🙂 🙂

    Kabhi Kabhi Aiasi Sab Journy Lyf Time k Liye 1 Memory Ban k rah Jati hai……… 🙂 🙂

    Keep Writing….. 🙂 🙂

  2. smrutilekha samanta says:

    very adventurous …. bt wht ws ur destination?? share

  3. magiceye says:

    nothing dared, nothing gained!

  4. Meera says:

    It looks like you certainly had an adventure. You were also unusually lucky that no one took advantage of you. But I think you have probably learnt much more in this journey than in your engineering course 🙂

    • trupty says:

      thanks meera for your visit and also for your kind remark :-). Ya same i do think as well that I was somewhat lucky and you are quite right in assuming that i had little learning experience about journeys during my engineering course and this was one which taught me something 🙂

  5. Atul kumar panda says:

    hehe….it’s like a task in MTV Roadies….

  6. Rahul says:

    You had a very adventurous journey! Am sure you must have been worried till you reached your final destination!

  7. Ankit Kumar says:


    Nice to read a adventurous + twist full story.
    these events makes the journey memorable 😉

    Good day,

    Ankit Kumar

  8. my! what an adventure! i too wouldn’t have told my mother had i gone on a journey like this one 🙂
    an experience of a life-time this one

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