Our life starts with a positive inspiration taking into instance the massive celebration which is encountered with the birth of a child….then why do we become so negative whilst in the growing phase. I read somewhere that we are responsible for scattering the vibes around us may it be positive or negative .The aura expressed by positivity is a sense of relief but can be diminished if under the influence of its inverse.

The daemon lies within us who sometimes deviates us to think for others in an incongruous sense….giving us a preconceived notion for someone with whom we have never interacted, never smiled at their happiness, never shared their sorrows…is it a fair way to judge people?  It can never be …. Then why do we take our decisions so agile mindedly….she is an arrogant lady…..he is selfish man ….etc. etc. …..there can be many such instances to be sited upon in day today’s life.

Once someone asked me “Is the first impression …..the last ….valid in all scenarios….“And being specific my answer was NO because mostly in my case  I have seen people not so impressive in their first sight turn out to be good beings indeed in the long run ….then how can we leave an important assignment of judging people merely on the basis of a well said proverb….in any case m not intending to doubt the  truth behind the above said  proverb but my point is… keeping in mind THE first impression thing’ we cannot overlook the other good qualities the person has and hence loose a good friend …a good colleague……and mostly a good human being

I would like to site an important instance from my personal experience where my first impression proved wrong. During the starting years of my college life I rarely interacted with anyone because I am mostly amongst the rarest of the beings who take a bit time to adjust to the new environment. There was a guy in my batch who wanted me to be his friend but I never knew this till the end of my college session…. He never said me in fact….and once suddenly he asked me “why don’t you talk to me?” I was totally blank with the question because I never knew what should be the perfect answer to this question…..i avoided the interaction and paved my way…….but later I got to know that he was greatly hurt by me as because he felt I was avoiding him….which was never the case…..the thing was how can the friendship start without knowing each other …….without getting your thoughts clear about the other person and vice versa. Later when I knew the person I felt that I was mistaken about my first impression (although his personality was impressive), the startling question avoided me to know him more….and I lost a good friend for about 3 years….and let me site the current state…he is now one of my very good friends (Though my list  for the same is not very large,he is one amongst them).Now I realized that my first impression was wrong about a fantabulous person I ever met. So in my case my first impression was not the last rather it wasted some years of our friendship.

Being obscure about any relation degrades it rather than giving a strong foundation to the same. I personally  feel that the blur discrepancies need to be given a perfect shape to strengthen any bond else one day it may happen that there would be no bonds remaining alive to discuss upon.


16 comments on “THE OBSCURE BEING

  1. beautiful write up..and yes, I do not follow this rule too 🙂

    Actually, sometimes, i feel like its absurd, I mean we can not apply this in life, we have to see all the facet before deciding what’s good and what’s bad..

    stay connected!!!
    its me!!! sharan 🙂

  2. atul kumar panda says:

    Superb writing. It’s heart touching. It made me realize. great dear. keep it up.

  3. atul kumar panda says:

    Everyone has some good quality & Due to this 1st impression mentality, sometimes they are ignored.

  4. i am always wrong with my first impressions. the people i think are “so nice” turn out to be “so bad” & vice -versa. i end up learning my lessons the hard way each time . my husband on the other hand is great with people

    good post Trupty. i could so relate to this topic

  5. magiceye says:

    appearances can be deceptive hence 1st impressions may not be the best!
    well said!

  6. vivek says:

    nice observation

  7. kumar shanu says:

    “1st impression is last Impression” ……. Proverbs only Looks Beautiful When u Put it in while writing Assay…… In Real Life…… These Proverbs are Meaningless for me ……… So the Only Thing we should remember……. “Man Ki Suno.” 🙂 🙂

    Nice Writing…… Keep Going…… 🙂 🙂

  8. Rahul says:

    It is the preconceived notions which coupled with first impression which could sometimes obscure our judgement about a person. A nice write up ,Trupty

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