Few days back I met a stranger….. Alone in his own world ….whose only wish was to move away to some other world where stays his soul dreams and his eternal spirit.

 Anuj is a commercial pilot who mostly spent his time flying high in sky …..A person who can be simple to talk to can have a complicated story behind and many a times we are mistaken with the words of wisdom given by intellects which rarely justifies the true meaning of life.

It would feel nice if I could share the story of a stranger friend whose life needs a justification.

Anuj was a laborious, hardworking and a confident boy right from his childhood days……his father ….a strict disciplinarian always wanted him to pursue as he wants his son to be with no issues on what exactly Anuj wanted…..and mothers as usual are always supportive so he had the support of his mom ….He wanted to be a pilot but his father wanted to see him as a space research scientist ……..

To chase his dreams he flipped away from home took admission in a well acknowledged flying club…….and finally achieved his dreams …..but alas with less experience he was with a job where he had less wages but twas to his satisfaction. Family pressure increased over him for a better job ……at a point when we don’t have our luck on with us we mostly go with a flow of what our elders say because we have somewhere in our mind that they are more experienced than us and they know the world more than we do….. So now Anuj wanted to live up his life to his parents’ expectation……he joined engineering….. and finally ended up his course with a lucrative job in hand….which made his parents feel proud of him……….Everything was moving on smoothly…..Anuj got engaged to his first love who was his best friend since they were in school ……It was the most happiest period of his life which he could ever imagine…….the happiness went on for few months and then life started resuming terrible for him again……….

Now Anuj got to know just before few days of his marriage that his girl is having blood cancer and will be with him only for a few more days……he had a keen interest in astrology but his readings too could not save his love….He could do nothing but just see her getting close to the end……everything was gone ……his spring in life again altered to a harsh summer and she was gone……………..

Now his only  wish was to be with her…….he feels and finds her everywhere………

Now he is a successful pilot, an engineer and heading towards being a space research scientist as well with further studies …. As his father dreamt him to be…. but did he ever live his life?……now his motivation ,inspiration  and activation was gone……as I said above he is well apprized with astrology …..Now he strongly believes his life would end within a couple of years with astrological evidences and experimentation he says………. is it justified? Should he stop living to the verge of something which is never gonna return anymore?

PS: The name used above is  fictitious but the story is true to the best of my knowledge.


16 comments on “IS LIFE SO SIMPLE?

  1. bikash says:

    make a movie on this story….gurantee hit…

  2. dillip badu says:

    1 st of all anuj is one who never lived his life as he likes …
    2nd dont beliv in astrology go nd live ur life …most importantly spend the tym wth ur beloved one and give a happy climax …..looking forword for next version

    • trupty says:

      ya i agree …but life is one and you are allowed to live once ….so i think it should be lived to the fullest ….so a strong support to ur argument…

  3. my fav but a cheeky take is :: life is like an ice-cram, lick it before it melts 🙂

  4. Life is not at all simple..but irrespective of your point of view, I am happy for him, he got almost everything, he lived his dream, made true his parent’s..the only unfortunate thing that happened to him was his girlfriend..that’s can not have everything in your life

  5. kumar shanu says:

    No….. Life is Not Simple as We Think……. But except the GF Anuj Got Every Thing In his Life…….. But 1 thing always remember………
    “Jo Mila Utne Main Khush Raho….” 🙂 🙂 🙂
    Bcz there are so many people in this world who doesn’t got that much……… from that Point Anuj is More & More Lucky Then Others……. 🙂 🙂 🙂

    Best thing is that Now Anuj is making his fathers dream true…… 🙂 🙂

    Nice Story…… 🙂 🙂

    Keep Going….. 🙂 🙂 🙂

  6. trupty says:

    @shanu,@sharan : its correct to say he got almost everything and we should be happy for whatever we get……. but my point is ” should we stop living for the fear of death?” which he has done……

  7. Rahul says:

    A very nice read and being a true story felt moved with an ending like this!! One must still dream and try to realize his dreams

  8. sasank.. says:

    ” living d life n dat too hapilly ” dis statement is a “paradox”. problems , sorrows are jus like d genes wich differ frm human to human .. d term death is taken as a vry serious issue but wats d meaning of death wen u ain’t lived d life…life is d most precious thng presented by god n gifted to us by our parents ” do live it as u want but it shud brng about smile in ur face as well as on d faces of d dear ones”..

  9. Atul kumar panda says:

    These sort of ups & downs come in every person’s life , no matter how much successfull the person is… but life should go on..

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