I am going to share with you a story which is true but quite a strange.

In 4th year of my engineering life I opted for single room just as a matter of being adventurous. We were three friends who were very close and mostly we 3 were in a room single either of mine or of any of my other two friends. We had our breakfast, lunch, dinner and supper all together….it was just impossible for us to stay without meeting the other even for a day………

So to be directly onto the matter of fact lemme start the story rather than revolving round…. One day it happened so that some construction work was being carried out inside the hostel premises and at about 2 O’clock  late at night I got a knock on my door which was a BANG rather than a simple knock…..being shocked  at d bang I popped and sat on my bed as like a spring…..and  then happened something stranger  which imitated the bursting of a balloon….I din open the door thinking the construction workers being busy with their stuff……soon after few days the construction work was finished and d workers were finished off with their overnight business. We now thought of having some good night sleep but alas we were wrong……there were 8 rooms in our floor and 6 of us had a good bonding and rest 2 rarely came out of their rooms…one amongst them just hated her room and mostly stayed in her previous arrangements……now on there were again  bangs at d doors at about 4 to 5 am in the morning…… thinking all dese to be rubbish we friends never discussed on such topics …..but one day some of us were just having a chitchat and we all got to  know that the bang was not supposed to be on individual distraction rather it aimed some of my other friends too…… and now in 8th semester this increased to some extent and twas bit disgusting because it distracted our sleep… we three tried to find out the exact culprit and adjusted in a single small room one night …..We got a light weight bang but couldn’t find the person, animal or any so other creature…….. In exam time mostly the bang was in the morning… supposed to wake us up to read but we were not that serious…… Now the question before us was who is banging the door…..a friendly ghost or an unfriendly animal….. once I woke up  late at  night just for a change went out of my small room…..and what I saw was  really stunning……I saw Mr. blacky  sleeping on the floor wearing my black jacket ….. Twas really to my disgust I found a dog sleeping in front of my room with my jacket….i gave the jacket to blacky as a matter of a strange present which he was fond of….and thought of never being disturbed again …..But still the experience continued to my friends as well as me…..and now on we were confirmed that twas blacky who banged our doors… to be sure with enough proof in hand we trio gathered again in one of our three friends’ room whose room we thought of  THE cleanliest to be safe enough to put our bedding down on floor to sleep tight…..and again the bang was on….we heard someone passing by…..but quickly as we opened the door …..Mr. blacky was vanished …and we were left bare handed……8th semester finished …..till now we don’t know who was desperate to disturb us girls’ goodnight sleep…….a punctual unknown doggy or a friendly ghost who wanted us to wake up quick in our exam days  so as to secure some good grades………….

We don’t say or believe there are ghost so mostly we doubted on my neighbor who had a habit of sleep walk where she provided enough proof not of banging the door  every time or anytime if so ever….

So the mystery continues still……………………………………Who was banging   the door continuously and that too till u wake up and get to your sense…..a human friend or an inhuman animal???????

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12 comments on “THE STRANGE KNOCK !

  1. well i was not there..honestly 😛 😛 😛

    I believe that blacky was the culprit, as you are saying that knock never stopped till you woke up..I think dog’s ears are very sensitive..that blacky would have heard your murmur before you would have opened the door and would have ran away 🙂 🙂 🙂

    i guess so 🙂

  2. bikash says:

    it was me….

  3. Ankit Kumar says:

    So, an another story which makes me to think..

    @ 8 Sem !!! i came to know about such incident @ your hostel.
    and thought it was due to english horror movies.

    Sometimes we do feel like seeing a ghost @ top of water tank in our hostel.:O

    Well, results of that incidents were good. Be Happy 🙂
    and think “him / her / ghost / blacky” as a messenger of your good luck.:) 🙂

    the more you think the more it will be complex.

    Really No Idea about who were behind that incidents…

    1 more thing … about that ghost on the water tank. that was totally false.

  4. kumar shanu says:

    Bhoot……. Ha Ha Ha Ha.. 😀 😀 😀

    Don’t go to the root of this matter…… because there are some questions exist in this universe which we can not answer……… so…. Enjoy the moment & take LITE…. 🙂 🙂

  5. Akash Jena says:

    There ain’t anything as ghost.So,u can discard that from the equation…Coming on to the knocks…I would say it’s probably due to some structural errors in the design of doors(As it happened to more than one)…or else it could have been caused by incoming infrasonic waves which generally give rise to strange kind of noises and are known occur near mountains/bridges/large tunnels..In any case the exact reason could have been found out when you were at hostel…

    If such a thing had happened to me i would have gone onto find out the reason and would be known as the Ghost Buster!!! 🙂 🙂

  6. dillip says:

    wht ever it may b its give u a chance to post a blog and woke up u early mrng which z nist friendly ghost

  7. trupty says:

    ya it was for us sujatha ……. as we din know who it was

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